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About Hardware Freedom Day

Arduino connected to computer and HFDay Sticker

HFD is a global celebration of Free and Open Source Hardware (FOSH). Our mission for this celebration is to enlighten the public worldwide about the advantages of using high-quality FOSH in education, government, at home and in business — essentially, for all conceivable applications! The non-profit group Hardware Freedom International spearheads HFD on an international scale, offering resources, giveaways and a platform for collaboration. However, it's the volunteer teams across the globe that tailor the local HFD events to make a lasting impact within their communities.

Vision & Objectives

Our vision is to empower everyone to freely explore, innovate and share in a digital realm that is open, transparent and sustainable.


  • To celebrate hardware freedom and the innovators who champion it
  • To enhance the public's understanding of hardware freedom and promote the adoption of Open Source hardware and open standards
  • To provide more equitable access to technology through community-driven innovation
  • To facilitate meaningful conversations about the responsibilities and rights in an increasingly digital society
  • To include a variety of organizations and individuals that resonate with our Vision
  • To remain practical, transparent and accountable as an organization

What's Free and Open Source Hardware?

Free and Open Source Hardware consists of physical artifacts of technology designed and offered in the same vein as Free and Open Source Software. It's not just about the ability to create hardware that serves our needs, but also about the freedom to share the knowledge and the designs that go into that hardware. We endorse FOSH to affirm a societal commitment to collaboration, learning and the freedom to modify and improve the world around us.

To Get Involved 

Please check the Hardware Freedom Day menu at the top of this page.  Look for events in your area to join in on the fun or feel free to add your own event if can't find anything nearby or virtually to join forces with.  Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the next Hardware Freedom Day event.