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Software Freedom Day

🗓 Next date: Saturday, September 21st 2024

Read more about Software Freedom Day!

Software Freedom Day is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software.  It provides a wonderful way to increase awareness and educate others about the value of Free, Libre and Open Source Software.

Hardware Freedom Day

🗓 Next date: Saturday, April 19th 2025

Read more about Hardware Freedom Day!

Hardware Freedom Day celebrates the benefits of Open Hardware and Open Hardware design initiatives.  Imagine what we could do if medical and technical hardware was inexpensive and accessible for manufacture for everyone needing these tools.

Document Freedom Day

🗓 Next date: Wednesday, March 26th 2025

Read more about Document Freedom Day!

Document Freedom Day is an international event to celebrate and raise awareness of Open Standards.  Without Open Standards how can we successfully communicate, share knowledge and scientific discoveries?


Help spread the freedom.
Help educate, celebrate and spread the word.
The Digital Freedom Foundation encourages and supports efforts to make available, share and educate others
about the benefits of Free, Libre and Open Source Software, Open Hardware, Open Document standards
for the entire planet.