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Individual Donations

You can financially support the Digital Freedom Foundation (DFF) by making one-time or recurring donations in your own currency. Just like the power of Free Software, we believe in the importance of small contributions to keep us independent and thriving.

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Support the Local Teams!


We're in the process of setting up a wallet and donation portal for cryptocurrency contributions. If you want to donate some crypto, get in touch with us!


Do you believe in Software Freedom or the importance of our digital freedoms? Become a sponsor of the Digital Freedom Foundation and make a tax-deductible donation. Contact us for more details, and we'll tell you about the possible perks.


Are you part of an active community? Spread the word about Software Freedom Day and our mission! Do you have an important event or website that shares our values? We'll share a link on our supporters page.


If donations are not an option, but you have time or skills to share, please get in touch with us! You can also help us in many other ways. The most important thing you can do is to join or initiate a team organizing a Digital Freedom Day event!

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