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What's stopping you to organize SFD?

Doubting woman

Yeah sure... I would like to organize Software Freedom Day. Only, there's this one thing stopping me...

I don't have enough time.

You're right. Organizing an event takes some time. But even a small, informal gathering can make a significant impact. Start with a manageable plan and delegate tasks to share the workload. It certainly helps if you can find a few friends to team up with.

I don't have any budget.

SFD events can be organized on a shoestring budget. Many resources, such as promotional materials and software, are available for free online. Additionally, local businesses or community organizations might be willing to sponsor or provide in-kind donations.

I'm not an expert. I have nothing to say.

The open-source community is known for its willingness to help and share knowledge. You can reach out to local experts, online communities, and organizations like the Digital Freedom Foundation for guidance and support in organizing your event.

I don't think people will care.

You might be surprised by the level of interest once people are aware of the event. Effective promotion through social media, local media, and community bulletin boards can attract attendees. Highlight the benefits and exciting aspects of FOSS to generate enthusiasm. You can pick a broad topic, or go niche and find an audience that's a bit wider spread.

I won't find enough speakers.

Look for local tech enthusiasts, educators, or professionals who might be interested in speaking. You can also reach out to online communities or use virtual speakers if in-person speakers are hard to find. You could even organize a discussion around a pre recorded talk you found online.

Organizing stuff is complicated, there are too many technical things I know nothing about.

Many resources are available to help with the technical aspects of organizing an event. You can also partner with local tech groups, hackerspaces, or universities that have the technical infrastructure and expertise.

I'm afraid not many people will show up.

Even a small group of dedicated participants can make a big difference. Focus on quality over quantity and create an engaging, informative event for those who attend. Success can be measured by the impact on attendees, not just numbers.

There are other things happening.

You could do two things: first, see if you can team up! Maybe your event can be part a bigger event. You can benefit from the people showing up. Or if the events don't fit together, move your event a week. SFD is like a birthday: it's great to be somewhere near the date, but the important part is that there's a party.

I don't know where to organize it.

Explore alternative venues like community centers, libraries, schools, or even virtual spaces. If there's a hackerspace or fab lab in your area, you could ask there. Many organizations offer free or low-cost venue options for community events.

I have no clue how to spread the word.

Utilize social media, community boards, local media, and word of mouth to promote your event. Partnering with local organizations can also extend your reach. Create engaging promotional materials and share them widely. Ask if you can hang a poster in the supermarket or computer shop.

I don't believe my little thing will make a difference.

Every effort to promote software freedom contributes to a larger movement. Even if the immediate impact seems small, raising awareness and educating a few people can lead to broader changes over time. Your event could inspire others to take action and create a ripple effect.

You see? Nothing to be worried about! Do you have other objections? Please share them in the comments. Let's see if we can overcome them together!

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